2-shot Injection Molding Parts

2-shot Injection Molding Parts

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Product Details

2-shot injection molding parts


The so-called two-shot injection molding is the injection of two different colored plastic into the same mold.It is the same plastic product that has two colors on it, and can make the injection parts to have the rules of the ball or the rules of the cloud pattern, to improve the practical and aesthetic of the injection molding.

Bi-color injection molding is now widely used in electronic products, electric tools, medical products, home appliances, toys and so on almost all of the plastic area, two-color mold making and molding and double color multi-color injection molding machine and double color injection molding raw materials research and development has a rapid development.

From Prototype Molds to Low Volume Production Parts, Guolan combines the latest injection molding processes with proprietary technology to deliver high quality, on-demand injection molded parts. 

We are China well versed manufacturer and supplier of Injection Moulded Components/ Accessories /Parts. Our product range includes plastic assemblies for industrial purposes and plastic assemblies for electronics. Other products/service include molded plastic household components, plastic injection moulds, CNC processing ,cold storage rooms, shelters for the telecom industry and insulation for auto etc.


Tow-shot injection molded part:

2-shot moliding.jpg

Project Procedure:




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