Overmolding Automation Equipment Tool Design-Automotive Tooling Mold

Overmolding Automation Equipment Tool Design-Automotive Tooling Mold

Auto plastic parts/ accessories .. Automotive Tooling Mold.. One-stop plastic injection mould /tooling designer and maker...

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Overmolding Automation Equipment Tool Design-Automotive Tooling Mold

You have the idea,we turn it into products!

We are a custom injection molding manufacturer. Our system is comprised of a highly skilled team, state of the art equipment and proprietary software that allows us to quickly convert your 3D part data into a high quality injection mold .With our in house developers we have developed software to significantly increase the speed of the mold building process. We can reduce a typical mold build time. With this advancement our customers are able to get real injection molded parts to use either as production or prototype.The cost is often less than most injection molding companies charge for a prototype mold without the life expectancy limitations. Also, our customers are saying that they often skip rapid prototyping because our process is so fast and affordable.

When your tool is ready, we install it in our injection molding machines and your chosen material is loaded into the hopper. The Process Engine takes over by quickly analyzing key components within the injection molding process to ensure the most consistent and stress free production of your custom parts.

A plastic injection molding process in which one thermoplastic material is molded over another material to form one part.Using two separate plastic injection molds on the plastic injection molding press, two materials are bonded together during the plastic over-molding process to form plastic parts and components with unique visual or ergonomic appeal,Plastic over molding technology is employed for a wide range of aesthetic and functional purposes in many industries and applications.such as Medical Devices, Appliances, Electronics, Consumer,  Agricultural , Automotive products and components!

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