Digital Infrared Thermometer Medical Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer CE ROHS

Digital Infrared Thermometer Medical Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer CE ROHS

Digital infrared thermometer Medical Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer CE ROHS

Product Details

Non-contact Body Infrared Thermometer is specially designed for testing the body temperature of the human. Product size:150*95*64 Packing size:200*105*60mm Weight:220g Temperature mode 32℃---42.9℃ The initial temperature:0℃ Working temperature:10℃~40℃ Accuracy: Measurement deviation≤±0.3degrees.(Adopt imported infrared detection system) Rapid measurement: Measurement of time less than 1 second. Standby time: 15 seconds Easy to use: One key measure and easy to operate Non-contact: Measuring the forehead of a human body, not in contact with human skin Long service life: Can be used more than 100000 times with two AA batteries. The service life of the product is more than 3000000 times. Measurement of distance: Can adapt to within 5 ~ 15 cm, without a fixed distance measurement. Large screen display:Large-screen Icd is adopted. The background color is white and it can clearly display in any light.  Temperature alarm: Free to set the alarm temperature. Data storage: Storing 32 measuring data and facilitating to analysis, for reference and make a contrast. Setting modification:Can change the setting parameters, so as to adapt to race with a different color of skin(white, black, yellow, etc).  Unit conversion: using Celsius, Fahrenheit, and transforming each other.

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