Double Injection Multi Cavity Molding

Double Injection Multi Cavity Molding

We design products, build tooling, manufacture parts, perform a variety of secondary operations such as mold storage and maintenance for the molds we build.. We provide excellent customer service including excellent logistical support for all of our customers.

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Double Injection Multi Cavity Molding


Two Shot Molding
Two shot molding is used to mold together two different colors or two different materials. Common usage is in decorating esthetic plastic parts such as personal computer keyboard keycaps or automotive indicator knobs that require backlighting as shown. Another use is to mold together two dissimilar materials such as Nylon and thermoplastic elastomer. Here the nylon may be required for functionality of a part and the elastomer could be used for feel and esthetic purposes.
Processing of two shot is usually performed by using BI-injection or pre-mold/over-mold concept. BI-injection is available in both horizontal and vertical presses.
Kenmold has both horizontal and vertical BI-injection presses for 2-shot molding. We have over 20+ years’ experience in 2-shot molding.


Located in Shenzhen China , Guolan is professional factory offers a comprehensive and professional range of plastic injection moulding and precision toolmaking services .We provide full technical support from consultation and design through to delivery.And the one-stop services including:
Full technical support
Free advice on moulding tooling
Supply of jigs and fixtures to assist production
Rapid prototype modelling
Mould flow analysis
In house tooling maintenance and repairs
Our in house tool room also enables us to carry out planned maintenance, repairs and refurbishment to tooling ensuring high standards of production of your products at all times.
The professional surface finishing(treatment) services including coating, printing, painting and labelling etc. 

Large. Small. Simple. Complex. Single or multiple components. All of your injection molded plastic and flocking requirements can be met here, no matter how intricate your project may be:

Tool Design Assistance

Mold Construction 

Value Engineering Services

Injection Molding

Materials Recommendation


Flocking Services






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