Craftsman Waterloo Tool Box Parts Of Injection Mold

Craftsman Waterloo Tool Box Parts Of Injection Mold

craftsman waterloo tool box parts of injection mold..With the help of CMM, projector, and some other measuring tools and equipments and team members conscientiousness,we can guarantee the mold quality by inspecting in-coming material ,manufacturing process and samples

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Craftsman Waterloo Tool Box Parts Of Injection Mold

 We are providing completed DFM analysis before the mold making to avoid the customer modification cost after the mold manufacturing or any design mistakes. DFM details are :

 1. Cavity layout

2. Slider and lifter location and movement direction.

3. PL (main parting line, insert parting line, slider parting line)

4. ejector pins

5. gate location and type

6. Draft analysis.

7.possible molding defects such as shrinkage, welding line, scratch and proposed solution.

8. Mold flow for filling ,warpage, cooling ,etc.

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News:Material Requirements For Plastic Mould

  good polishability

High quality plastic products, requirements of cavity surface roughness value. For example, injection mold cavity surface roughness required level is less than Ra0.1~0.25, optical surfaces require Ra<0.01nm, cavity must be polished, decrease surface roughness values. Selection requirements of steel materials with fewer impurities, tissue micro-homogenization, no fiber orientation, polishing should not occur when pitting or orange peel shape defect.

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