Fancy Telephones Set Plastic Parts Old Model Wall

Fancy Telephones Set Plastic Parts Old Model Wall

fancy telephones set plastic parts old model wall - it is mainly featured by high precision, reliable performance and fine workmanship.We design and make injection mold ,also produce plastic proudcts/parts in factory. RD&MD Design/ Prototyping /Plastic injection mould / Double shot plastic /Overmold/IML/IMD /Moldflow analysis Plastic/Metal product producing /Assembly /Silk Sccreening /Anodize treatment /Laser etching/Painting / E-Plating/ Ultrasonic Welding/Material selection

Product Details

Fancy Telephone Set Plastic Parts Old Model Wall

You have the idea, Guolan turns it into products!

China custom manufacturer of plastic commodity molded parts. Capabilities include in-mold decorating, insert molding, overmolding, tampo pad printing, hot stamping, plastic welding and packaging. Inserts, connectors, caps, screws, filters and straps can be fabricated.

 Before mould building: 

Our teams will evaluate your part design to give you the DFM report,such us Cooling,Venting,Gating,Cavity/Core sticking,Short Shot,Shrinkage,Thin steel conditions,etc. 

Also our engineers will assist in improving the part design and optimizing the mold design to save cost.

 During mould building: 

We build the DME and Hasco standard mould as customers require,and we will provide you the steel certificate and heat treatment certificate.

We will send you the Progress Report with digital photos every week to keep you updated.

The most important is that we will give you the good T1 samples on time.

 Mould approval: 

We will modify the mold until getting your approval on the samples, and we will invite you to attend the mould trial or send you mold test video.

Product Show

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telephone covers.jpg

telephone set.jpg

Company introduce

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