Injection Mold Supplies-Portable Power Portable Tool Storage Case

Injection Mold Supplies-Portable Power Portable Tool Storage Case

injection mold supplies-portable power portable tool storage case. Customized plastic injection mould & plastic products can be supplied by us..So please kindly send us the 3D drawings with IGS/STP format for our study and analysis , the mould must be designed and made according to your requirements

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Injection Mold Supplies-Portable Power Portable Tool Storage Case

High precision Injection mold Informations

Mould Base: LKM / HASCO /DME, etc.

Mould Core: 718, 718H,S136, NAK80, P20 , H13, YK30, etc.

Product Material:ABS, ABS V0,PC, PC V0,PC+ABS, PP, PS, PE, PU, PA6, PMMA, POM, etc 

Treatment: Polish / Semi-matt

Cavity: Single / Multi

Runner: Hot / Cold

Design Software: IGES/PROE / SOLIDWORKS / CAD / CAXA, etc.

Mould Life: according to client's specific requirement

Mould Installation type: Half fixed / Mobile / Fixed

Precision Machining: CNC / Cutting / Carved / EDM/Milling/Threading/Drilling, etc.

Arrangement type: I-section / Straight Body Mould

Package: Inner is PP bag, outer is wooden case

Delivery Time : 25 – 45days  or according customers' demand .

We can offer various of plastic injection mold for each customer as per requirements. The quotation can be made based on drawings or samples provided by the customers. 

You have the idea, Guolan turns it into products!

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News:Composition Of The Mould

Mold structure due to the varieties and properties of plastics, plastic products and the structure and type of injection machine, which may vary, but the basic structure is the same. Mold is mainly composed of the gating system, temperature regulation system, molded parts, and structural parts. Casting and forming part of the system of which is direct contact with the plastic parts, and changes with plastics and products, is the most complex in the mold, the biggest changes and request processing finish and parts of highest precision.

Injection mold by moving half and fixed half consists of two parts, dynamic mobile template installed on the injection moulding machine, fixed on a fixed template installed on the injection moulding machine. At the time of injection molding die and mould closing form of gating system and cavity, mold moving half and fixed separation in order to remove the plastic products. In order to reduce the workload of mould design and manufacture, mostly standard mould base of injection mould.

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