Injection Molding Machine Parts For Sale-Portable Plastic Tool Box

Injection Molding Machine Parts For Sale-Portable Plastic Tool Box

Plastic parts shot with two kind of material, normally soft TPU/TPE with PC/ABS material; also it could be same material with different colors. The injection machine with two feeders and two inject injection tube. Shot two colors or two type’s material in the same time. The process injected products, outview is much better then overmold/ co-mold products, with low defective and save cost.

Product Details

Injection Molding Machine Parts for Sale-Portable Plastic Tool Box    

Custom overmolding by Guolan provides a ruggedized solution to the need for strong transitions required in certain projects. Heat shrink transitions are often the most vulnerable segments of a fiber optic connection, but Guolan overmold transitions can strengthen that connection. As one solid piece of equipment, molded plastic is far stronger than conventional heat shrink transitions. When rugged projects require specific configurations of cable to connect to a device, Guolan overmold transitions provide a solid connection between your devices.

Product Specification

Part Name

Plastic injection parts / accessories

Working Process

Plastic injection mold;customized



Mould Base Material

LKM,FUTA,HASCO,DEM,etc.or as per customer`s requirement

Surface treatment

Polishing plating


Black or Red,blue,green,yellow,etc


Inner-Plastic Bag;Outer-Standard Carton Box

Quality Control

Conducted by ISO90001

Cavity Number

Single cavity,Muti Cavity,based on customer`s requirement




CNC,EDM,ArgieCharmilles,Milling Machine,3D CMM,Projector,HG,

Injection Machine


Warm and quick response service providesbythe proffessional

Export Sales Teamwith many years` experiencein handing

exportstothe US,Europe,Japan and other countries andregions.

File Format

Solidworks,Pro/Engineer,Auto CAD,PDF,JPG



Country of Origina


Current Export Markets


Lead Time

35 days

Quality Control

ISO system


All Kinds of cars,machinery,home appliance,electronic products, electric appliance, stationery, computers,power switches, architeture, commodityand A/Vequipment, hardware and plastic molds, sports equipment and gifts, and more.

MOQShort run is acceptable

plastic tool box

large tool box

portable tool box

injection molding machine for sale

News:Industry Situation

Transformation and upgrading of China mold manufacturing industry production and sales demand forecasting and analysis report data show that quarter of 2015, China's mold exports grew 3.09%, growth slowed further, annual export growth last year are expected to further fall die, export and imports over the same period in 2009, for the first time since the "quarter" market uncertainties increased....

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