Injection Molding Process Accessories-Tool Box Replacement Parts

Injection Molding Process Accessories-Tool Box Replacement Parts

injection molding process accessories-tool box replacement parts - it is mainly featured by high precision, reliable performance and fine workmanship. High presion plastic mould supplier ,plastic shells /covers/housings ,plastic parts / accessories supplier

Product Details

Injection Molding Process Accessories-Tool Box Replacement Parts  


Finding an injection molding company that can provide high quality custom plastic injection molding and value added services can be a challenge. Guolan 's in-house Tooling and Engineering department maintains and repairs thousands of molds and helps reduce your expenses and shorten your manufacturing lead times.

In addition, we provide mold making services both locally and off shore to make sure we can offer the most competitive pricing and quick turn around times. Finally, our full compliment of value added secondary services help to keep your program costs low while providing complete control of your program requirements. All of these factors play a key role in making Gemini Plastics the best choice and value for your custom plastic injection molding needs.

Product Specification

Part Name

Plastic injection molded parts

Working Process

Plastic injection mold;customized



Mould Base Material

LKM,FUTA,HASCO,DEM,etc.or as per customer`s requirement

Surface treatment

Polishing plating


Black or Red,blue,green,yellow,etc


Inner-Plastic Bag;Outer-Standard Carton Box

Quality Control

Conducted by ISO90001

Cavity Number

Single cavity,Muti Cavity,based on customer`s requirement




CNC,EDM,ArgieCharmilles,Milling Machine,3D CMM,Projector,HG,

Injection Machine


Warm and quick response service providesbythe proffessional

Export Sales Teamwith many years` experiencein handing

exportstothe US,Europe,Japan and other countries andregions.

File Format

Solidworks,Pro/Engineer,Auto CAD,PDF,JPG



Country of Origina


Current Export Markets


Lead Time

35 days

Quality Control

ISO system


All Kinds of cars,machinery,home appliance,electronic products,electric appliance,stationery,computers,power switches,architeture,commodityand A/Vequipment,hardware and plastic molds,sportsequipment and gifts,and more.


toolbox parts

tool box replacement parts

tool box replacement parts

News:How To Choose Injection Molding Machine

Able to put in on:the size of mold determine whether the internal spur of large column,the mold thickness,the minimum mold dimension and the mold plate size or not,to make sure that it is able to put mold on.

Enough injection quantity:the weight of product and the number of mold cavity determine the "injection quantity" and select the appropritate"srew diameter".

For stability purpose,the injection volume required for more than 1.35 times of the product,which means the product weight should less than 75% of the injection amount.

Able to maintain locked:the product and plastic determine the tonnage of "clamping force".

When the raw material injection into the mold cavity in a high pressure,it will create a bulging force,so the clamping unit of the plastic injection molding machine should provide sufficient "clamping force" so that the mold was not subject to distraction.

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