Injection Moulding Design Animation At Home

Injection Moulding Design Animation At Home

Injection moulding design animation at home - it is mainly featured by high precision, reliable performance and fine workmanship.Similar injection mould can be supplied by Guolan

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Injection Moulding Design Animation At Home

We are well versed manufacturer and supplier of Injection Moulded Components/ Accessories /Parts. Our product range includes plastic assemblies for industrial purposes and plastic assemblies for electronics. Other products include molded plastic household components, plastic injection moulds, CNC processing ,cold storage rooms, shelters for the telecom industry and insulation for trucks.

You have the idea, Guolan turns it into products!

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News:Engel Shows Off Its IQs At PLAST-EX

Engel’s iQ weight control keeps the injected melt volume and viscosity constant. The software 

adapts the switchover point and holding pressure profile to match the current conditions, automatically compensating for external influences.

Its iQ clamp control determines mold breathing to continually adjust the clamping force. 

In-mold breathing—the reduction of clamp pressure when the melted material is being injected into 

the mold—can cause quality issues with the part, producing burn marks or flash, according to Engel. 

The clamp control software quickly determines the optimum clamping force and automatically keeps 

mold breathing within the ideal range, thus reducing rejects.


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