International Tool Box Parts-Computer Modeling For Injection Molding Solidworks Toolbox

International Tool Box Parts-Computer Modeling For Injection Molding Solidworks Toolbox

International tool box parts-computer modeling for injection molding solidworks toolbox - it is mainly featured by high precision, reliable performance and fine workmanship. Design and make plastic insertion mold / tooling for all kinds of products , also produce all kinds of plastic parts in our workshop ..

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International Tool Box Parts-Computer Modeling For Injection Molding Solidworks Toolbox

Whether need professional manufacturer to build a plastic molding tool and produce your plastic parts, or just want an export mold to produce plastic parts in your own facility ,Guolan is the best choice .Normally, we can build the plastic injection molding tool and massive produce plastic parts for you. However, if you want to run custom plastic injected molded parts in your own facility (or somewhere else), only need a mold, then an “export” mold is the best low-cost alternative from us...

Our Service             

1.   Provide OEM/ODM service

2.   Provide professional precision plastic injection mould design and manufacturing service

3.   Provide plastic parts moulding/molding / printing/ painting service

4.   Provide plastic parts assembly service

5.   Provide plastic parts package service

6.   Provide After-Sales service

7.   Supply prototypes

8.   Customize various non-standard plastic parts per your drawing, sample.

9.   Professional in All kinds of plastic injection parts being used in a variety of applications including home use, industrial use, automotive use, electronic use and so on

10.  Make products per your drawing, sample and we're willing to serve you parts with competitive price, good quality, timely delivery and professional service.

11.  If you are interested in any of our series, or have an OEM requirement to fill, please don't hesitate to contact us for more details.

You have the idea, Guolan turns it into products!

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News:Areas Of Application Of Injection Mold

Mold is an important technological equipment for production of various industrial products, with the development of the plastics industry, as well as plastic products in aviation, aerospace, electronics, machinery, ships and cars used in the industrial sector, products to requirements have become more sophisticated, traditional design methods have been unable to meet the demands of today. Compared with the traditional design, computer-aided engineering (CAE) technology both in terms of increased productivity, ensure product quality, also in terms of lower costs, reduce labor intensity, has great advantages.

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