Parts Of A Injection Moulding Machine Auction Companies

Parts Of A Injection Moulding Machine Auction Companies

Parts of a injection moulding machine auction companies...we’re enviably positioned as one of the world’s leading mould makers – providing cost effective and accurate design, consultancy and manufacture. As well as mould designing & making, we also offer plastic injection moulding and molded plastic components /part / accessories too.

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Parts Of a Injection Moulding Machine Auction Companies

Guolan uses the very latest techniques in CAD and CAM our expert mould-makers can translate your design ideas into prototype or production moulds quickly and efficiently, and we offer a full maintenance and repair service in addition to mould construction. Whether you require high-quality solutions for plastic injection moulding, or need us to produce the finished components themselves, our plastic injectin mould designers & makers together with the whole professional team can deliver exceptional results to clients in and out of China


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News:Engel Shows Off Its IQs At PLAST-EX

Engel North America (York, PA), part of the Engel Group headquartered in Schwertberg, Austria, will exhibit an e-motion 170/85 TL US in booth 1810 at PLAST-EX, part of the Advanced 

Design & Manufacturing (ADM) event on May 16 to 18, 2017, in Toronto. The machine will be utilizing an array of Engel’s iQ software products, which continually analyze critical process parameters in order to identify and immediately compensate for deviations before defective parts are made.

Described as a self-regulating “smart” injection molding machine,  the e-motion 170/85 TL US 

identifies minute deviations in production conditions and sets ideal production parameters, 

all while production operations continue.

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