Plastic Injection Molded Parts

Plastic Injection Molded Parts

We are a custom injection molding manufacturer in China that makes thermoplastic parts your way in very short time. We have two advanced manufacturing facilities, provide an unlimited lifetime mold guarantee, can produce parts from many engineered grade resins, and are ISO9001:2015 listed.

Product Details

Plastic injection molded parts

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China custom manufacturer of large/small part injection molded plastics for aerospace, agriculture, appliance, automotive, consumer, electronics, and water process industries. Works with a variety of resins including ABS, acetal, acrylic, nylon, PEEK, and polycarbonate. Part geometries range between 400 to 400 mm and press tonnage from 45 to 1200 tons. Capabilities include design engineering and prototyping. Also offers secondary processes such as assembly, heat pressing, pad printing, machining, ultrasonic welding, and packaging. JIT delivery.

Additional Services:


Mold Making

Product Development

Rapid Prototyping


Industrial served:



Appliance: Caps, Mechanicals, Support brackets , covers etc.

Automotive: Fuel components, Brackets, Caps, Levers

Consumer: Recreational Products, Competitive Sport Components

Electronics: Washers, Studs, Spacers, Threaded parts, housings, brackets , covers ,caps etc.

Industrial: Bearings, Structural components, Filter housings, Gears, Caps, Washers, Brackets, Threaded parts, Nozzles

Water Process: Gear train, Brackets, Control housings, Valve bodies, Injectors, Metering parts


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