Plastic Toolbox Manufacturers-Case China Suppliers

Plastic Toolbox Manufacturers-Case China Suppliers

Plastic injection designer and maker in China ,also can manufacture plastic parts/ accessories in our workshop .Supply contract manufacturing services,focus on decorative components and complex modular assemblies for home automation

Product Details

Plastic Toolbox Manufacturers-Case China Suppliers

We are the professional manufactory of plastic injection molds/ moulds / tools, also can produce various plastic injection molded goods by mould.We can guarantee the precision and quality, maximum reduce the cost and time, give your the plastic products of excellent quality and reasonable price.Also we supply assembly and other additional service for your project

     1.Any color,size,shape,type, capacity avaliable.

     2.Any brand and design can provide.

     3.Customer care is our top priority.

Product Specification

Part Name

Plastic injection parts

Working Process

Plastic injection molding;customize



Mould Base Material

LKM,FUTA,HASCO,DEM,etc. or as per customer`s requirement

Surface treatment

Polishing, plating, painting , printing etc.


Black or Red,blue,green,yellow,etc


Inner-Plastic Bag;Outer-Standard Carton Box

Quality Control

Conducted by ISO system

Cavity Number

Single cavity,Muti Cavity, based on customer`s requirement


Auto,Motorcycle,Industry, Electronics,Smart home,Funiture,Consumers,etc


CNC,EDM,ArgieCharmilles,Milling Machine,3D CMM,Projector,HG,Injection Molding Machine


Warm and quick response service provides by the professional

Export Sales Team with many years` experience in handing

exports to the US,Europe,Japan and other countries and regions.

File Format

Solidworks,Pro/Engineer,Auto CAD,PDF,JPG



Country of Origina


Current Export Markets


Lead Time


Quality Control

ISO system


All Kinds of cars,machinery,home appliance,electronic products, electric appliance,stationery,computers, power switches,architeture, commodity and A/V equipment, hardware and plastic molds, sports equipment and gifts,and more.

MOQNo limits in some way 

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News:Mold Industry

 China is to gradually move from the mold production molds manufactured powerhouse. As far as the domestic market, mould production and demand in both industries, investment enthusiasm for large renovation projects and new projects emerge. In addition, the industry cluster construction continues to increase, under the Government's preferential policy support, mould city of considerable size (or die Park, gathering production base, etc) the nation had more than more than 100 building, construction planning and construction with more than 10 or more than one. In some areas in the development of consortia and virtual manufacturing mold, which has similar advantages in some clusters...

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