Remote Control Shell Rapid Prototype Parts Manufacturer

Remote Control Shell Rapid Prototype Parts Manufacturer

Remote control shell rapid prototype parts manufacturer ! Plastic injection mould design ,plastic products/parts' manufacturering .We will communicate & exchange the opinion with customers during making drawing according to the sample.

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Remote Control Shell Rapid Prototype Parts Manufacturer

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You have the idea,we turn it into products!

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Material: NAK80, S136, P20 SO ON, ABS PE PC PVC 
delivery time :30days 
ISO9001:2008 OEM&ODM


 Why choose us?

1. More than 10-years experience.

2. ISO9001:2008 certificated.

3. Competitive price with high quality.

4. More than 53 injection machines support to run the business.

5. Custom R&D program coordination.

6. Expert technicians.

8. Diligent and loyal workforce.

9. Up-to-date software.

10. International standards, SAY, HASCO, DME, MISUMI, etc

11. Well-rounded after service.  


Important Note:

1. The injection mould is customized for our clients.

2. We do not sell ready-made injection mould, but custom injection mould. So, no price list available.

3. Quotation available after discussion on requirements and design.


What’s our Injection Mould experiences?

1. Multiple cavities Injection Mould

2. Insert Injection Mould

3. Multiple slider action Injection Mould

4. Sandwich Injection Mould

5. Hot runner system

6. Injection Mould with international standard, like HASCO, etc.

7. Other custom Injection Mould

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plastic mould.jpgplastic parts shell.jpgplastic injection molding.jpg
plastic injection molding.jpgplastic injection molding.jpgplastic injection molding.jpg

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