Small Toolbox For Sale Parts Of Injection Molding Machine

Small Toolbox For Sale Parts Of Injection Molding Machine

small toolbox for sale parts of injection molding machine ..Customized plastic shell / cover/ housing etc ,plastic accessories /parts etc. Smart home , router ,computer , camera ,lights, bluetooth earphone,TV etc..

Product Details

Small Toolbox for Sale Parts of Injection Molding Machine    

Typically, the two materials used in an overmolded part consist of a more rigid structural polymer inner molding with a flexible elastomer outside. This allows designers to provide the necessary rigidity and structural integrity for the bulk of the part and a textured, grippable surface on the outside. 

Additionally, overmolding is an opportunity to add a contrasting color accent to a part, making the second material not only functional, but a cost-effective marketing tool. 

Contrasting colors can be used for aesthetic or functional purposes and this method of color accenting is much more durable than most printing processes.

The ability to use multiple materials in a single molded part not only adds design flexibility, but can save customers money by allowing them to combine less expensive polymers, while using more expensive engineering resins only where needed. 

Overmolding has also proven to be an effective way to reduce the weight of components in weight-sensitive applications such as in aerospace or machinery components.

The overmolding process is also commonly used in applications such as the handles of power tools or other consumer products for which a good grip is essential. 

The versatility of the overmolding process has led to widespread applications throughout the aerospace, medical, HVAC, marine, and consumer goods industries.

Product Specification

Part Name

Plastic injection parts /accessories shells

Working Process

Plastic injection mold;customize



Mould Base Material

LKM,FUTA,HASCO,DEM,etc.or as per customer`s requirement

Surface treatment

Polishing, plating, painting ,printing , texture etc.


Black or Red,blue,green,yellow,etc


Inner-Plastic Bag;Outer-Standard Carton Box

Quality Control

Conducted by ISO90001

Cavity Number

Single cavity,Muti Cavity,based on customer`s requirement


Auto,Motorcycle,Industry,Medical,Smart home ,Funiture,Electronics,etc


CNC,EDM,ArgieCharmilles,Milling Machine,3D CMM,Projector,HG,

Injection Machine


Warm and quick response service provides by the professional Export Sales Team with many years` experience in handing exports to the US,Europe,Japan and other countries and regions.

File Format

Solidworks,Pro/Engineer,Auto CAD,PDF,JPG



Country of Origina


Current Export Markets


Lead Time

Depends on the quantity

Quality Control

ISO system


All Kinds of cars,machinery,home appliance,electronic products, electric appliance,stationery, computers, power switches, architeture, commodityand A/Vequipment, hardware and plastic molds, sports equipment and gifts,and more.

MOQLow /high volume

plastic tool box

large tool box

portable tool box

injection molding machine for sale

News:Industry Situation

  Casting mould enterprises to transform mechanism, developing specialized production, increase market awareness, promoting the adjustment of industrial structure of casting molds. The past, under the planned economy, large enterprises have mold plant (workshop), manufacturing capabilities and strong technical force, accounts for a considerable proportion of Chinese mold production, in addition to a small number of standard parts purchased outside, most of the work were completed by the mold factory, resulting in low levels of specialization, standardization....

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