Infrared Non Contact Forehead Thermometer

Infrared Non Contact Forehead Thermometer

infrared non contact forehead thermometer

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Non-contact Body Infrared Thermometer is specially designed for testing the body temperature of the human. Product size:150*95*64 Packing size:200*105*60mm Weight:220g Temperature mode 32℃---42.9℃ The initial temperature:0℃ Working temperature:10℃~40℃ Accuracy: Measurement deviation≤±0.3degrees.(Adopt imported infrared detection system) Rapid measurement: Measurement of time less than 1 second. Standby time: 15 seconds Easy to use: One key measure and easy to operate Non-contact: Measuring the forehead of a human body, not in contact with human skin Long service life: Can be used more than 100000 times with two AA batteries. The service life of the product is more than 3000000 times. Measurement of distance: Can adapt to within 5 ~ 15 cm, without a fixed distance measurement. Large screen display:Large-screen Icd is adopted. The background color is white and it can clearly display in any light.  Temperature alarm: Free to set the alarm temperature. Data storage: Storing 32 measuring data and facilitating to analysis, for reference and make a contrast. Setting modification:Can change the setting parameters, so as to adapt to race with a different color of skin(white, black, yellow, etc).  Unit conversion: using Celsius, Fahrenheit, and transforming each other.

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