Injection Molding Of Photography Luminaire

Injection Molding Of Photography Luminaire

We are professional to design and build injection molds for photography luminaire.. Also high volume production of photography luminaire's parts can be realized in Guolan factory.. We supply assembly service for all kinds of plastic injection molded parts ..

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Injection Molding Of Photography Luminaire

Opened in 2007, Guolan is a full-service plastic injection molding company in Shenzhen China. Guolan offers a range services, such as injection molding ,insert molding,2-shot molding, overmolding, gas assist molding, ultrasonic welding, assembly and machining, among others. It provides an array of plastic products, including industrial and consumer products, optics, electromechanical devices, biomedical components, scientific instruments and disposables.Also Guolan is an ISO9001:2015 system certified manufactory.

Large /Small /Simple /Complex /Single or multiple components. All of your injection molded plastic requirements can be met here, no matter how intricate your project may be:
Tool Design Assistance
Mold Construction 
Value Engineering Services
Injection Molding
Materials Recommendation
Flocking Services

Which of our products and services are of interest to you?
Injection Molding                Pad or Silkscreen Printing    
Flocking (Fiber Coating)         In-Mold Decorating    
Assembly                         Hot Stamping    
Painting                         Polyurethane Foaming    
Sonic, Spin or Vibration Welding        




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