Phone Case Plastic Injection Mould

Phone Case Plastic Injection Mould

Shaping Mode: Plastic Injection Mould Product Material: Plastic, Plastic,PP/ABS/PC/PE/PS/TPE/TPR Product: Household Product, High quality iphone case plastic injection mould Keyword: High Quality Auto Light Parts Mould Insert Material: Brass/metal/Bronze/Copper Certificate: ISO9001:2008 Mould Life: At least 200,000 shots Mould Core Material: S136/NAK80/H13/718H/2738/2344/P20/2738 Mould Base Material: S45C/S450C/P20/718/738/ Hot Runner Brand: YUDO/ HUSKY/MOLD-MASTER/MOULD-TIP/DME Mould Gate: Side/pin-point/sub/edge/banana gate

Product Details

Phone Case Plastic Injection Mould

Product Description:

About Guolan


Type of mould

Injection mould

Small,medium,large mold

Mold Material

S136, P20, 718H , 2738 , NAK80 ,1.2311 etc

Nr of Cavities

1+1,1+2+1,2+2,4+4,Single or mutilcativies

Cycle time


Injection machine


Life span of mold



According to material

Product Material

PE , PP, HDPE , PPR , PVC , PP , PS , PET , ABS , PC , etc

Injection Type

Hot Runner

QTY of Drops


Cold Runner

Hot sprue,Sequential Injection

Gate Point

Edge gate, Pin point gate, Sub gates, Fan gate, bayer


Round Ejector Pin


Outer, inner slider, lifter

Surface finish

Tech polish, High gloss, Texture,VDI 3400

Mould hot treatment

Tempering , Quending , Nitriding

Main Processing Equipment

Sodick, Seiki, CNC , high speed carve , EDM ,wire cut , drill

Project Procedure:                   

injection project .jpg

our advantage

Office& Mold Shop:


Mold Workshop

Why choose us:

1. 10 years mold manufacturing experience,makes our whole solution more practical.
2. Keeping the best quality, the most precise matching size.
3. 8 workshops,50pcs injection molding machines,can ensure a good delivery time.
4. Holding to cooperate with many well-known enterprises,For example YAMAHA HONDA etc.


Q:What kind of moulds do you make (plastic injection,compression or somethirelse)?
A:We are specialized in Plastic Injection mould , blow mould,and we can help customers arrange sourcing for other moulds.

Q:How do you protect your moulds during packaging?

A:We protect our moulds by ueing anti-rust oil and wrapping film.To prevent damage during transition,We pack all moulds in wooden boxes.

Q:What type of mould tool do I need?

A:Mould tools can be either single cavity (one part at a time) or multi-cavity (2, 4, 8 or 16 parts at a time). Single cavity tools are generally used for small quantities, up to 10,000 parts per year whereas multi-cavity tools are for larger quantities. We can look at your projected annual requirements and recommend which type would be best for you.

Q:Do you make spare parts for your cunstomer?

A:Yes,we can provide spare parts for mould if necessary or required by customers.

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