Plastic Injection Molding Of Photoflood Lamp

Plastic Injection Molding Of Photoflood Lamp

Guolan specializes in custom plastic injection mold's design and build , and mass production of plastic injectjon molded parts can be realized here .. Our advantages: Professional and experienced , high precision machines , just in time delivery , one-stop solution and serivce, ISO9001:2015 Listed ..

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Plastic Injection Molding Of Photoflood Lamp

Established in 2007, Shenzhen Guolan Metal & plastic products Co.,Ltd. is a full-service manufacturer & supplier of custom plastic injection molds and plastic-molded products & related items in China. It is an ISO9001:2015 System certified manufactory, and offers computer-aided design (CAD), computer numerical control machining(including rough CNC & precise CNC), thermoplastic injection molding, painting, hot stamping, pad printing ,silk screen and other finishing solutions. And additionally provides engineering, rapid prototype, heat staking, flocking, sub-assembling, welding and other related services. Applied all kinds of plastic resins including nylon, PP, ABS ,PS, PE and elastomer etc. Guolan serves to the electronics ,automobile, smart home ,medical, telecommunications and consumer products industries and so on. 

Whether need professional manufacturer to build a plastic molding tool and produce your plastic parts, or just want an export mold to produce plastic parts in your own facility ,Guolan is the best choice .Normally, we can build the plastic injection molding tool and massive produce plastic parts for you. However, if you want to run custom plastic injected molded parts in your own facility (or somewhere else), only need a mold, then an “export” mold is the best low-cost alternative from us...

Two Shot Molding
Two shot molding is used to mold together two different colors or two different materials. Common usage is in decorating esthetic plastic parts such as personal computer keyboard keycaps or automotive indicator knobs that require backlighting as shown. Another use is to mold together two dissimilar materials such as Nylon and thermoplastic elastomer. Here the nylon may be required for functionality of a part and the elastomer could be used for feel and esthetic purposes.
Processing of two shot is usually performed by using BI-injection or pre-mold/over-mold concept. BI-injection is available in both horizontal and vertical presses.

Over Molding
Insert Molding replaces metal and plastic assemblies, and components made solely of plastic or metal. This unique manufacturing process combines metal and plastic, ceramics, or multiple combinations of materials, components and plastic into a single unit. The process uses engineering plastics for improved wear resistance, tensile strength and weight reduction and uses metallic materials for strength and conductivity. The result is a single heterogeneous composite that always provides superior functional performance to any other manufacturing alternative for products requiring high current applications.




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