Plastic Injection Mould

Plastic Injection Mould

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) Brand Name: NOCSIN Model Number: plastic injection mold Shaping Mode: Plastic Injection Mould Product Material: Rubber Product: Household Appliance Material: Steel/P20/718/Nak80/S316/AISI H13 Process: Cnc Turning/Machining/EDM Surface treatment: polishing/heating treatment Service: Customized OEM Name: Customized plastic mold Application: Auto Part/Customized mold Item: OEM Precision CNC Machining mold

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Product Details

                                               Mold  for TV plastic shell

Product specification


Product Item

Plastic injection mould


Household or electronic product



Material Use



Grinding,Carving,Printing,Hot Stamping,Polishing,Coloring

Mould precision


No. of cavity



Mould base


Design software



CNC,High Speed Carve,EDM,Wire Cut,Drill,Injection etc



Lead Time




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     The mold must be constructed so that the back side of the carrier foil rests against a flat wall. The plastic foil can be bent slightly, but the more it is bent, the greater the risk of wrinkles. The filling only takes place on the other side, the side of the carrier with the material to be transferred. The part has to stay on the side of the gate (= ejectors on gate side). The tips of the ejectors are usually bent slightly to ensure the parts stick to them.

Logistics and Tansportation

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1. Q: what is the proceesing for the quote ?

    A: We can quote from your 3d formats like IGS,STP,PARASOLID etc and 2D drawings as well; quote  the price to clients after got the 2d or 3d drawings within 2 hours;



2. Q: How is the next ?

    A: We will send the cost to you and get your confirmations for the quote;



3. Q: what is the softwares will you use for the proceeding ?

    A: We make the 3D programme with Pro-Engineer,UGS,SOLIDWORKS,MASTERCAM etc ;



4. Q: what is the type of machines for manufacturing please ?

    A: Manufatured from CNC Machining,Laser cutting , stamping ,injection as well as the parts files different ;



5. Q: Do you do the surface treatments please ?

    A:yes, sure .  we do the surface treatments ,for instance ; chromated, powder coating,Anodizing,  laser etching as well as painting ;



6. Q: What is the quality Control before shipping?

    A: We have QC department for the quality control before shipping;



7. Q: How long can it be delivery ?

    A: Delivery from 7-50days that depends on the parts ;

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