Plastic Insert Molding Part

Plastic Insert Molding Part

Guolan is custom plastic injection molds (including insert molding , overmolding and so on ) designer & builder ,also mass production of plastic injection molded parts can be realized here .. Our advantages are : professional and experienced , high precision and quality , short time cycle , good after service , full-stop solution and service .

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plastic insert molding part

Shenzhen Guolan Metal & Plastic Products Co.,Ltd. is a professional plastic injection molding manufacturer, which was established in 2007 in Shenzhen China. It supplies one-stop solution & service for plastic injection molds/tools' design and bulid , and produces high-volume custom molded products and provides injection molded parts. Guolan offers precision assembly of multiple components, special packaging,2-shot molding, insert molding and over-molding. It is ISO9001:2015 listed factory and serves a vast client base across electronics , smart home ,automotive, communications, home appliances and health care industries.

Although each mold and material has its own unique characteristics, there are similarities among them. Monitoring the pressure within the cavity is critical throughout production, regardless of the part size or cavitation. Therefore, Guolan utilizes advanced technology coupled with cavity pressure sensors in order to monitor shot-to-shot consistency during production. This automated method of inspection provides 100% monitoring and traceability on the parts produced from a particular tool for the life of the project.

Our trained quality engineering staff will fully document each phase of the IQ/ OQ / PQ portions of the mold validation to ensure our customer’s product is not only in spec, but also repeatable throughout an extended validation run.

Over Molding
Insert Molding replaces metal and plastic assemblies, and components made solely of plastic or metal. This unique manufacturing process combines metal and plastic, ceramics, or multiple combinations of materials, components and plastic into a single unit. The process uses engineering plastics for improved wear resistance, tensile strength and weight reduction and uses metallic materials for strength and conductivity. The result is a single heterogeneous composite that always provides superior functional performance to any other manufacturing alternative for products requiring high current applications.

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