Custom Plastic Molding Supplies Large Kits Machines

Custom Plastic Molding Supplies Large Kits Machines

Our One-Stop Service Business Scopes * Product Design (Including ID design, MD Design, ED design) * Mold & Tooling Manufacture * Plastic Processing * Metal Processing (including die casting parts, machining parts and stamping parts) * Products assembly * Quality Management

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Custom Plastic Molding Supplies Large Kits Machines

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One stop solution for plastic injection molding/overmolding in Guolan, customized plasitc mould designing and making according to requirements .. Send the drawings 2D/3D to us , high precision mould will be done here ...

Secondary Process: Drilling , Painting  , Tapping  , Grinding , Assembly , Ultrasonic welding , Inserting post bake , Packing etc.

Additional Service: Engineering, Fixtures , Mold maintenance , Product Development , Tooling ,Design etc.

Lifetime Mold Guarantee                            

We guarantee your mold for life, it means there's no quantity limit for the life of your project. 

We guarantee that we will supply unlimited part quantities for the life of your project. It's simple. We build it, we run it and we supply parts.

Our injection molds are built with extreme high tolerance tool metal conditions. This eliminates the metal to metal shock during the molding process that reduces the mold life and usually results in mold repair.

1, We use only quality mold components.

2, Our molding company has its own tooling room where each mold is maintained every time it is run. 

Molding Procedure                          

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Low volume injection molding for PC electronic box

We take good care of our customers regardless low volume or high volume injection molding order, once the order taken, your have our guarantee of quality, service and lead time. If your order is not being taken seriously by your molder or molding suppliers, please come to us and we let you talk with those small order customers we have served, you will then make your wise decision.

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