Plastic Moulding Machinery Production Injection Machine Business For Sale

Plastic Moulding Machinery Production Injection Machine Business For Sale

1.We provide mould, OEM is available "according to the customers' drawings (material can be done according to customer's requirement). 2.We improve the finished product, customers can also according to the mold production of finished products. 3.We provide one-stop service, from design, production, service, etc. 4.If you have any request can contact us. Our factory is a leading plastic parts molds manufacturer in China. We have a lot of experiences in making excellent plastic molds. Depending on skilled workers, experienced designers, our molds are of high quality and reasonable price.

Product Details

Plastic Moulding Machinery Production Injection Machine Business For Sale

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Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturing Services 

We are a precision plastic injection mold/mould/tool manufacturing factory in Shenzhen (China) to offer first class services for global companies, specialized in mold/tool designing and making and turn key projects for the plastic components /parts. 

Service include prototype molds, two-shot molds, multi-cavity molds, stack molds and insert molds etc. Capabilities include product design and development, mold flow analysis, mold repair, engineering and contract manufacturering etc.

Lifetime Mold Guarantee                                    

We guarantee your mold for life, it means there's no quantity limit for the life of your project. 

We guarantee that we will supply unlimited part quantities for the life of your project. It's simple. We build it, we run it and we supply parts.

Our injection molds are built with extreme high tolerance tool metal conditions. This eliminates the metal to metal shock during the molding process that reduces the mold life and usually results in mold repair.

1, We use only quality mold components.

2, Our molding company has its own tooling room where each mold is maintained every time it is run. 

Molding Procedure                 

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Wall Thickness by Resin Material Guidelines                                  

Selecting the proper material and observing uniform wall thickness in injection molded plastic parts helps avoid potential issues such as sink marks. Below table is thicknesses vary by material.


News:Custom Plastic Injection Molding Supplies

The precise number of custom injection molders has always been a bit elusive because almost half of plants are captive falling into end-market of China and typically corporate management of those companies don't think of themselves as a part of the plastics industry, only the plants within the organization making a pellet into a part do! All plastics product manufacturing where typically custom plastic processors are coded, with the lion's share of those plants likely being custom injection molders. The states with the most injection molding plant locations are Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta.

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