Manufacturing Custom Plastic Parts-Small Injection Machine

Manufacturing Custom Plastic Parts-Small Injection Machine

Customized plastic injection molds designing and making from Guolan factory , quality ,precision and craft can be ensured ..Massive production of plastic lastic injection parts /accessories / cases / housings / shells here.. Send us the ditails like 2D/3D drawings , finishing craft requirements , quantity , material , size etc...

Product Details

Manufacturing Custom Plastic Parts-Small Injection Machine

1.Injection molds & Plastic parts
Material: PP, ABS, PC, ABS+PC, Nylon, delrin (POM), PMMA, AS, PS, PE, PET, PVC, PEEK, etc; GF added material (ABS+GF, PA66+GF, PA666+GF); Rubber like material (TPE, PU, NBR, silicone, NBR+TPE etc)
Special specification available depend on different material and requirement: scracth resistant, flame resistant, UV resistant, food grade, chemical resistant, etc. 
Sizes: All size and thickness available.
Process: Injection molding, overmolding.
Surface finish: texture (VDI/MT standard, or made to client's sample), polished (high polish, mirror polish), smooth, painting, powder coating etc.
Colors: clear (standard clear or high optical clear), semi-transparent, other colors (pantone code #, or made to client's sample). 
Application: household commodities, electronics, car parts OME & Performance, motorcycles, bikes, machinery parts, hospital, cosmetics, Military and Aerospace etc. 

2.Assembly service
We have assembly line and assembly workers in our workshop. 
We making plastic and metal parts, and we sourcing some accessories if needed like hardwares (different kind of screws, bolts & nuts), wires/harness, switches, LED bulbs, batteries, motors, magnets, bearings, glue or double sided stickers, sticking foam, color boxes, printing etc, and assemble them with the plastic and metal parts which we made in our workshops. 

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