20w industrial hot melt glue mini glue gun

20w industrial hot melt glue mini glue gun

Can Be Applied to Many Sorts of Different Materials The hot melting glue can be used to bond a great diversity of materials such as wood, plastic, glass, metal, stone, ceramic, shell, brick, paper, wicker, lace, cotton, fabric. Easy to Operate 1. Insert one glue stick into the gun tail 2. Plug in and switch on, the LED indicator will light up 3. Preheat for 3-5 minutes 4. Pull the trigger to extrude glue

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20w industrial hot melt glue mini glue gun 



Warm Prompt:

1. Please note that when the glue stick is running out, the internal pushing device cannot touch the glue stick, so the trigger cannot push the glue stick forward, please do not pull out the glue stick from the back of the gun, just insert a new one to push the remaining short sticks.

2. The remaining pressure inside the glue gun will push a little molten glue out of the gun even stop use, in order to prevent leakage of glue and save glue sticks, please cut off the power 3-5 minutes in advance if you do not use it.

3. Glue may continue to ooze out of the gun even when you aren't squeezing the trigger. When you set the gun down, make sure to place a sheet of paper or cardboard beneath it to protect the underlying surface from drips.

4. To avoid getting an electric shock, do not use it in humid environment and keep it away from children.

5. Don't disassemble the melt glue gun in any case.

6. Please note that the temperature is low in winter, the glue will solidify rapidly due to the low temperature of the nozzle. please preheat the glue gun for 2-3 minutes longer than usual, which can effectively avoid glue reversal caused by the low temperature of the nozzle.


Glue Gun : Material: Plastic and Aluminum | Color: Yellow | Preheating Time: 1-3minutes | Power: 15W/25W

Glue Stick: Quantity: 30pcs | Color: Transparent | Diameter: 7mm | Length: 100mm | Softening Point: 80°C


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