Thermometer Infrared Non Contact Temperature Infrared Thermometer

Thermometer Infrared Non Contact Temperature Infrared Thermometer

Features: Press SET button for 3 seconds, enter the setting mode. F1: Switch Celsius and Fahrenheit by + and - (℃ to ℉). F2: Set the high-temperature value, when the display turns red. The default is 37.5℃. F3: Measurement tolerance compensation, 0.1 per step. F4: Sound on and off. The latest 99 measurement data can be stored (press the + and - button to check ).

Product Details

Thermometer infrared Non Contact Temperature infrared thermometer

Product description


Item: Infrared thermometer

Temperature display range: 

temperature measurement mode: 32-43℃

Object temperature range: 0-100 ℃

Measurement Accuracy:




Working environment:

· Ambient temperature: 5 ℃ -40 ℃, the best temperature is 25 ℃

Relative humidity: ≤85%

· Atmospheric pressure: 70KPa-106KPa

Storage and transportation environment:

· Ambient temperature: -20 ℃-+ 55 ℃

Relative humidity: 10% -85%

Memory: 99 groups

Response time: 1s

Automatic shutdown: 10s

Measurement distance: 1-15cm,perfect for 5cm

Power: AAA*2 batteries(not included) 

Size: 15.5*8.5*4.3cm

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