1.Why choose Guolan ?

Guolan has been in making plastic injection mould and plastic products/ parts for 10 years

We supply one-stop solutions, have experienced and professional team from Designing , manufaturing and to after service. 

2.What type of molding services do you offer?

 Guolan specializes in PLASTIC INJECTION MOULD and PLASTIC PRODUCTS ' manufacturing

 3.Is all work done at your facility?

Guolan has the capability to design and build almost any injection part required for plastic molding. 


4.Can Guolan run an existing tool? / Can I send my existing injection mold to Guolan?

Yes. Guolan's engineers will help facilitate the move of the mold from its current location, qualify the mold, and can make repairs if necessary to achieve the quality standards you are looking for.

5.Is Guolan an ISO registered company?

Yes. Guolan is a UL listed and ISO 9001:2008 certified molder and assembler. We take pride in our constantly improving process and "Right the First Time" product launches.




1.How much does a plastic injection mold cost?

Complexity of the mold, including part design, size, and number of cavities and materials used all have major impacts on the overall cost of the mold. Mold costs can range from a few thousand dollars for a simple design to hundreds of thousands of dollars for a complex, multi-cavity, multi-action, hardened steel mold.


2.How long does it take to build a mold?

Lead times for mold design and fabrication depend on complexity of the part and availability and requirements of materials. Simple molds can be completed in a few weeks. Complex, high cavitation, hardened steel, or multi-action tools can take up to a few months to complete. We build our molds to last in a high production manufacturing environment and do our best to work within our customers time and budget constraints.


3.Who owns the mold after it is built?

You do! The plastic injection mold is designed and built to run your parts. Guolan maintains and houses the mold while it is on Guolan premises, however once contractual obligations are fulfilled, you are free to move the mold anywhere.


4.How long does it take to design a plastic part?

The part design timeline is dependent upon complexity of the project. A simple part can be designed in a matter of hours, while a complex part can take several weeks. The amount of in person meetings and timelines are project specific. Guolan designers and engineers can work with you to design your part with deliverables such as 2-D prints, 3-D CAD files, and a plastic prototype.


5.How much does it cost to produce a plastic part?

Part weight, size, geometry, material, volume and cavitation in the mold all have major impacts on part cost. Please click here to request a quote.

6.Are there any part size limitations?

Guolan can currently manufacture parts up to 28" x 28" x 28", however we specialize in manufacturing small plastic parts. Guolan molding presses range from 60 tons to 380 tons of clamping pressure.


7.Does Guolan have a minimum run size?

Guolan typically handles mid-high volume production, however also specializes in complex plastic parts and difficult to process resins. Guolan does not have a minimum run size to begin a project, however please keep in mind that initial startup costs and tooling have a larger impact on smaller production runs than that of larger production runs.


8.What are your standard lead times?

There are many factors that impact part lead times including material availability, part volume, press availability, and packaging requirements. Typical lead time for part re-order is about 3-5 weeks. Lead time for a new tooling project is dependent upon complexity of the part and mold design. Simple molds can be completed in a few weeks. Complex, high cavitation, hardened steel, or multi-action tools can take up to a few months to complete. We build our molds to last in a high production manufacturing environment and do our best to work within our customers time and budget constraints.


9.What is the process for designing a new plastic product?

Guolan engineers and designers work closely with our customers to design to a part for manufacturability and often make recommendations to improve the part or the manufacturing process for existing parts. We also offer mold flow simulation and analysis to assure that the mold will produce the part exactly as expected. Once final part design is approved, Guolan builds the mold for manufacturing.


10.How can I get a quote for the design of my plastic component?

To request a quote, please fill out our initial RFQ form. Part prints, CAD files, and/or prototypes help streamline the process, but are not required. An Guolan engineer will evaluate and will contact you regarding timelines for the project as well as for any additional information needed.


11.Can you produce parts in different colors?

Yes. Guolan can work with resin suppliers to pre color compounds or can use liquid or powder colorant for that perfect color match. Coloring processes usually project specific.



1.What is Plastic Injection Molding?

Plastic injection molding is a manufacturing process in which plastic resin is melted and injected under high pressure into a mold and then cools to form a particular shape or geometry. Injection molding is a great way to manufacture plastic parts consistently, with tight tolerances, and often offers the lowest cost per part especially at high volumes. There is a wide array of resins and additives available depending upon the application of the parts needed. Guolan Metal Plastics Co.,Ltd specializes in utilizing engineering and high performance resins for added strength, performance, and resistance to degradive elements.

2.What is a plastic injection mold?

An injection mold is the tool that is used to form parts in the plastic injection molding process. Tools are custom designed to allow for a specific part geometry, size, cooling methods, and injection pressure. Molds can be built with a single cavity to build one part at a time, multi-cavity for several parts at a time, or family to build several different parts at the same time. Tools can be built out of several different metals including aluminum, steel, or hardened steel, depending on the life cycle required.

3.How does a plastic injection mold work?

The injection mold is clamped to the molding press (machine) and molten plastic resin is injected into the mold. The molding cycle process consists of the closing of the mold, injection of resin, cooling time, and ejection of the part. Multiple parts are connected at their gate location by a runner system. Guolan uses a combination of automated and manual runner removal depending on specific customer needs.


4.How do I know if injection molding is the right process for my product?

Part size, geometry, quantity, and tooling budget are all major factors when trying to determine the best plastic manufacturing method. Certain geometries and shapes can impact manufacturability through plastic injection molding. Guolan's experienced engineers and designers can help guide you through the product design and mold design process.


5.What size part runs make sense for injection molding?

Injection molding is a great process to make many plastic parts with consistency and at a low cost per part, however initial expenses (cost of the mold, setup, material costs) tend to be a significant investment. While there is no true minimum run size for a plastic part, a small run size causes the costs of setup and waste to have a much larger impact when divided amongst a smaller sampling.


6.What material should I use for my product?

Material selection is specific to the application of the plastic part. Guolan Metal Plastics Co.,Ltd. specializes in difficult to process and high performance engineering resins. Guolan partners with multiple resin suppliers to provide guidance in selecting a material suitable for your needs. We work very closely with our customers to select and sample resins, but ultimately our customers have final approval before proceeding. Please check out our basic resin guide for a few ideas.


7.Where are plastic injection molds and plastic parts made?

Guolan designs and builds custom plastic injection molds in our Shenzhen, facility along with prototyping, part manufacturing, packaging, assembly, and distribution.

8.How do I begin manufacturing plastic part?

Guolan can assist in bringing your product to market no matter what stage of development your product is in. If you have an idea that you would like to create a design, print, or prototype for, contact an Guolan engineer today. If you already have a design or prototype and would like to find out more about building a tool or manufacturing parts,request a quote today.




1.Does Guolan use recycled plastics?

Not typically. Guolan has the capability of using and processing recycled plastics, however our customer requirements are sometimes prohibitive in terms of material, especially considering the applications in specialized fields. If regrind is acceptable, Guolan adheres to the UL limits set under the Standard for Safety of Polymeric Materials Fabricated Parts, UL 746D



2.Does Guolan offer CM (Contract Manufacturing) or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) services for plastic injection molding?

Yes. Guolan Metal Plastics Co.,Ltdproducts and components for several companies and customers that retail under the purchasing company's brand name.