Fidget Spinner 608-Your Finger Spin Fun-Reduce Stress & Help Focus

Fidget Spinner 608-Your Finger Spin Fun-Reduce Stress & Help Focus

No big noise: Easy to carry, small, simple, discrete and fun, also effective for focus and deep thought Fidget hand spinner: 1-3 minute average spins great for fidgety hands, add & ADHD sufferers helps relieve stress Great bearing: Ceramic center bearing, SLA technology, laser industrial molding technology, resin materials, accompany you year by year Hold spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin it rapidly using small continuous strikes to keep it spinning indefinitely with practice

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Fidget Spinner 608-Your Finger Spin Fun-Reduce Stress & Help Focus

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  • HIGH-QUALITY:This fidget spinner is made with high quality bearings for maximum durability so you can fidget all you want. Each Fidget Spinner comes with bearings that you can rotate around so you can play with it in many different ways.

  • RELIEVE STRESS: Fidget Spinners are more than just a conversation piece, they are a wonderful tool for anybody that has ever felt stressed, anxious and needed a way to release that energy without being disruptive. This is a great anxiety-fighting accessory for fidgeters. Keep your calm regardless your circumstance or immediate environment.

  • HELP FOCUS: An addictive toy that allows you to focus at the task at hand without disrupting others, whether you are at school, at work or at home. It is very quiet so you can fidget without disrupting your co-workers, classmates, friends or anybody else.

  • POCKET SIZE:Pocket sized and can easily fit into your pocket for easy travel. The size allows for one handed operation using your fingers while you are working, relaxing, or having fun with your friends.

  • MULTI-OPTIONS:Multi-colors, classic, sleek and angular fidget spinners


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