Injection Molded Plastic Doll

Injection Molded Plastic Doll

All kinds of injection molded plastic dolls can be designed and made in Guolan factory , just send the 2D/3D drawings together with special requirement , your idea can be turned into real produts .

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Injection Molded Plastic Doll

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Guolan is a custom thermoplastic injection molding manufactory located in Shenzhen China. For more than 10 years ,the business is focused on providing extremely high precision molds and 100% defect free plastic parts. We are ISO9001:2015 certified .

Parts molded from THERMOPLASTIC RESINS including but not limited to the following:

ABS - Lustran, Cycolac, Polylac

Acetal (POM) - Celcon, Delrin, Hostaform, Kepital

Acrylic - Optix, Acryrex

Nylon(PA) - Nylon6, Nylon66

PC/ABS - Cycoloy

PEEK - Victrex


PPO/PPE - Noryl, Xyron

Polycarbonate - Lexan, LNP, Makrolon


Agriculture: Caps, Trays, Covers, Bearings

Appliance: Caps, Mechanicals, Support brackets

Automotive: Fuel components, Brackets, Caps, Levers

Consumer: Recreational Products, Competitive Sport Components

Electronics: Washers, Studs, Spacers, Threaded parts, housings, brackets

Industrial: Bearings, Structural components, Filter housings, Gears, Caps, Washers, Brackets, Threaded parts, Nozzles

Water Process: Gear train, Brackets, Control housings, Valve bodies, Injectors, Metering parts etc.

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Machining and 3D Printing

Proofing final revision parts is one of the most fulfilling aspects of Design Engineering. It has never been easier than it is today with the advent of 3D Printers. In addition to 3D Printers, sometimes fully machined examples of the final design are necessary for testing. Either way BrokerMFG has the equipment to perform both machined and printed parts in house. There is no need to wait for a service bureau to produce functional models. 



Capacity planning is performed by Guolan is fully ISO 9001 compliant. All parts produced are fully Lot traceable.


Guolan produces the highest quality parts utilizing Haitian presses(injection molding machines) exclusively.Press tonnage sizes from 50 Tons through 1200 Tons.


QC/Inspection programs and equipment are in place and guarantee the best parts on time. Statistical molding practices are fully employed, Computerized production tracking insures defect free parts, Human inspection and tracking are used as well. 

Secondary Processing

Assembly, Heat Pressing (Inserts), Pad Printing, Coating ,Painting , Labeling , Machining (Milling and Turning), Ultrasonic welding, Packaging and so on .

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