3D VR Glasses Plastic Shell-High Quality Virtual Reality Watch Box

3D VR Glasses Plastic Shell-High Quality Virtual Reality Watch Box

All kinds of 3d vr glasses plastic shell /parts can be customized and made by us .. both 2D and 3D drawing supplied ,the precision plastic injection mould /mold /tooling can be designed , also masssive plastic products /parts can proudced in short time in our workshop.

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3D VR Glasses Plastic Shell-High Quality Virtual Reality Watch Box

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1.We are a specilized injection molded products manufactory and all kinds of plastic injection molds designer and builder

2. Professional Controllable Plastic injection process

3.Different plastic materials,different colors,different shapes plastic injection products

4.If you have any new item need to be made,please contact with us.We can do our best to turn your idea into real products.


1)Material:AS,ABS,PC,PS,PP,PVC,PBT,HDPE,PMMA or custom materials
2)Mould Cavity:Single or multi-cavities
3)Mould material:Steel1045,P20,Cr12,DC53,H13
4)Surface finish:chrome plating,silk-printing,texture,color painting
5)Injection machine production ability:from 0.1g to 6000
6)The product in the pictures are our customers'OEM products,it's only for reference
We can make the colors according to your requirements
We provide products from tiny pcs to the big ones
We specialize in high performance polymer processing
Complex angles and shapes is not a problem for us

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mini vr glasses.jpg

switch panel for home use.jpg

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