10 processes of mold manufacturing customization

- Jun 22, 2020-


1. Check the design drawings for shrinkage, correctness, size errors and omissions, reasonable structure, complete and complete drawings, and communicate with customers to confirm.

2. Prepare materials and order mold stand, mold core, copper, hardware and other materials from high-quality suppliers.

3. Mold core processing will die core flying edge, then rough grinding, 3 milling machine processing, 4 fitter processing, 5CNC rough machining, 6 heat treatment, 7 fine grinding, 8CNC fine machining, 9 EDM, 10 mould saving.

4. Electrode processing Install the die core on the spark machine or CNC machine, adjust the position and fix the material of the die core for processing.

5.QC test to check whether all the processed motherboard die core hardware accessories are qualified and accurate, and whether they are suitable for assembly.

6. Die frame processing 1 dozen number, 2A/B plate processing, 3 panel processing, 4 thimble fixed plate processing, 5 bottom plate processing.

7. The flying mold assembly will assemble the complete set of molds to stabilize and finalize the design.

8. Test the mold By testing, loading, adjusting and pressurizing the injection molding products on the assembled molds to see if the products meet the customer's requirements until confirmed with the customer.

9. Sample Testing (FAI)

10. The production confirmed with the customer the quality of plastic products, directly on the injection molding machine to produce products.

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