3C ELECTRONIC product booming

- Sep 23, 2020-

"Everything Smart -- Baidu World 2020"

On September 15, the "Everything Smart -- Baidu World 2020" conference was held online. Themed "The Intelligence of Everything", the conference showcased Baidu's latest and most cutting-edge technologies, products and solutions in the field of ARTIFICIAL intelligence. This is also the first time baidu and CCTV news jointly presented an online live broadcast.

This conference focuses on AI technology application, industry digital solutions and other fields. Xingtian Technology believes that in the digital era, under the background of the national launch of "new infrastructure" policy, enterprises actively embrace new technologies to reshape their business model and ecosystem, which is the key to enhance their competitiveness.
As a member of the baidu ecological partners, XingTian science and technology in the future will use their accumulated years of experience in the Internet industry advantage, actively through baidu's platform in the field of artificial intelligence, such as large data to build ecological resources, help enterprise of the organic combination of digital technology and the core business, to promote one thousand digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading of any profession.

With the developement of 3C products, there will be more competition for 3C products from different companies, The production requirements for 3C products will also be higher and higher. We can produce precise 3C product casings and plastic parts.

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