Analysis on how to choose a reliable injection molding factory and its importance

- Jul 11, 2017-

With the continuous development of industrialization, China has developed into a world injection molding products power, the annual production of injection molding products around the world, especially the GPS shell sold at home and abroad. However, the rapid development of injection molding products at the same time, but also accompanied by the emergence of some problems, such as how to choose a Kaopu injection molding manufacturers?

Let's take a brief look at some of the basic knowledge of the injection molding industry.

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First, what is mold injection?

Injection mold is now the industrialization of the development of mass production process, the essential tool for the production of plastic products, it affects the plastic structure of the complete structure and precise size of the tool, and injection molding is the use of mass production of plastic products The method of processing, specifically refers to the heat of the material from the high-pressure injection into the mold cavity, after cooling and solidification, to be molded products.

Injection molding can be a complex shape of the plastic products to achieve a molding, is a high-efficiency, high-volume production methods, and the advantages and disadvantages of injection molds directly affect the quality of injection molding. In the mold industry, want to process high-precision, high-quality, complex surface of the injection mold, we must use advanced computer-aided design and manufacturing software, the preparation of reasonable processing procedures, which is to ensure processing quality, improve production efficiency, An effective way of labor intensity.

Second, the four major elements of injection molding: (1) plastic mold (2) injection molding machine (3) plastic materials (4) molding conditions

Third, injection molding processing

Hao Bo Tiancheng injection production with 24 tonnage of different injection molding machine equipment, to meet the technical requirements of different plastic products, professional injection molding team has more than 10 years of experience in injection molding, processing and customization of various plastic products such as: GPS Shell, mouse, keyboard and so on. Injection molding machine specifications from 50T to 300T, vertical machines, double-type machine, from the product design, mold development and manufacturing, to injection molding, fuel injection, silk screen, assembly, and other full-service, processing all kinds of engineering plastics products.

Fourth, injection molding Product categories:

Hao Bo Tiancheng to GPS shell production, a total of six series of eight products, including three GPS shell won the national appearance of the patent. At the same time, also set up a professional plastic design department, mold manufacturing sector, and injection department, one-stop solution from the product design, product completion to the library, and to ensure that the product pass rate.

So, how do users choose a powerful and reputation of the injection processing production to produce products?

1, bear the brunt of is to examine whether the factory has a professional mold design and development departments, as well as the actual situation of the injection sector, but do not be confused by the surface phenomenon, not to clean the factory to locate a factory strength strength, more It is important to examine the injection molding machine equipment, management system, the boss's business philosophy. Good mold will have a good product.

2, the sample plate

Before the mold production, to see through the proofing model to meet their own needs. Professional manufacturers will develop the relevant staff and customers seamless docking, from the initial design to the final product to ensure that users and factory seamless docking to ensure that the work of the product progress.

3, there is no production and processing capacity, deep-level technical communication

As customers, are hoping to find the terminal manufacturer, eliminating the cost of the middle part of the transfer. Therefore, in the choice of the factory when the site can be investigated, and then with some of the more depth of the problem to explore, you can know the depth of the manufacturers of the injection molding strength.

4. After-sales service ability

The manufacturer's production capacity, not only the relationship is not able to deliver on time, but also related to the mass production process, the problem is not the fastest solution to the problem, will not delay the customer's delivery and even affect the customer's Reputation, interest and brand image.

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