Characteristics of plastic mold steel

- Apr 03, 2019-

                        Characteristics of plastic mold steel

Plastic mold steel requirements can be divided into two categories. One is the characteristics in the molding process, another is the characteristics in the mold fabrication process.

  • Wear resistance, toughness, corrosion resistance and mirror effect in the molding process

  1. Wear resistance, toughness Wear resistance is related with the steel hardness, along with the hardness increasing, the crack risk increase accordingly. We need compromise these two elements. In another way, the cavity mold shape also affect the crack risk.

  2. corrosion resistance For high melt temperature or containing flame retardants resin, they generate the corrosive gases, will corrode the steel.

  3. Mirror effect Some part need mirror appearance, the steel should reduce the non-metallic inclusions

  • Machinability, carving and electrical discharge machining, properties of the steel in the mold fabrication

  1. Machinability The cavity shape and structure are complex, the job capacity to build is big, easy to cut will affect the mold lead and cost

  2. Carving and electrical discharge machining Sometimes the cavity steel need corrode to form part appearance, to form cosmetic appearance beauty part. Electrical discharge machining is common way to fabricate the steel, to make steel surface melt, finally get the shape we want.

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