Check the size of the mold part of the injection molding machine

- Jul 18, 2017-

When designing the mold, the main items of the injection mold part should include the nozzle size, the positioning hole size, the rod spacing, the maximum and minimum die thickness, the position and size of the screw hole on the template. The spherical radius of the nozzle of the injection machine must be in agreement with the spherical radius of the spherical pits at the inlet of the main flow path of the mold, so that the former is slightly smaller than the latter. The diameter of the inlet of the main channel should be slightly larger than the aperture of the nozzle. In order to mold on the injection machine on the accurate installation and positioning, injection machine fixed template with a positioning hole, mold positioning plate on the design of a protruding positioning ring, positioning hole and the gap between the positioning ring, the positioning ring height should be slightly less than Positioning hole depth. A variety of injection machines, can be installed die maximum thickness and minimum thickness are limited. The actual thickness of the mold should be between the maximum die thickness and the minimum die thickness. The dimensions of the mold can not be too large to ensure smooth installation and mounting on the injection molding machine. The stamper size of the movable and stamper should be adapted to the size and position of the screw holes on the injection molding machine and the mounting plate so as to be fastened to the corresponding template. Commonly used in the installation of the mold fixed method with screws directly fixed and screw, pressure plate fixed two. When the screw is fixed directly, the position and size of the hole or groove on the die foot should be consistent with the screw hole on the injection molding machine template. With the screw and the pressure plate fixed, as long as there is a screw hole near the mold foot, Greater flexibility.


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