CNC machining basic introduction

- Mar 27, 2019-

 1.CNC processing anti-electrolysis (BS) pulse power supply

     CNC machining low-speed wire-cut EDM wire cutting process using water quality working fluid. Water has a certain conductivity, even if it is deionized to reduce the conductivity, but there is a certain amount of ions. When the workpiece is connected to the positive electrode, under the action of the electric field, OH- ions will accumulate on the workpiece, causing oxidation and corrosion of iron, aluminum, copper, zinc, titanium, tungsten, and the binder in the cemented carbide material - cobalt The ionic state dissolves in water to form a "softening layer" of the surface of the workpiece. The measures to increase the resistivity (from tens of thousands of ohms to centimeters per centimeter) have been used to reduce the ion concentration as much as possible. Although it has played a certain role in improving the surface quality, it still cannot be completely solved. Softening layer" problem. The anti-electrolysis power supply is an effective technical means to solve the "softening layer" of the workpiece. The anti-electrolysis power supply adopts an alternating pulse, and the average voltage is zero, so that the OH-ion electrode wire in the working fluid is in an oscillating state with the workpiece, and does not tend to the workpiece and the wire, thereby preventing oxidation of the workpiece material. The use of anti-electrolysis power supply for WEDM can control the surface metamorphic layer below 1μm, avoiding the precipitation and dissolution of cobalt in the cemented carbide material and ensuring the life of the cemented carbide mold.

2.CNC processing nanosecond large peak current pulse power supply technology

When machining CNC machining, the metal erosion is divided into two parts: melting and gasification. The wide pulse width has a long acting time, which is easy to cause melting processing, which makes the surface morphology of the workpiece worse, the metamorphic layer is thickened, the internal stress is increased, and cracks are easily generated. When the pulse width is small to a certain value, the action time is extremely short, and gasification processing is formed, which can reduce the thickness of the metamorphic layer, improve the surface quality, reduce the internal stress, and avoid crack generation. The computerized 锣CNC processing advanced low-speed wire-cut EDM wire cutter uses a pulse power supply with a pulse width of only tens of ns and a peak current of more than 1000A, which forms a gasification etch, which not only has high processing efficiency, but also greatly improves the surface quality.

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