Common Problems In Plastic Toy Mold Silicone Rubber

- Nov 28, 2018-

1. Why does the mold silicone have fewer molds?

In the process of making the mold, too much silicone oil is added, and the silicone oil destroys the molecular weight of the silica gel, so the mold will have a phenomenon of less mold turning and less durability. If you say that the product with a small product pattern is more complicated, and the mold with a high hardness is used to open the mold, there will be a phenomenon of less mold turning, because the time when the silica gel is too hard will be very brittle and easy to break. On the contrary, if you build a product and use a low-hardness silica gel to make the mold, the result will be unsatisfactory. Because the silica gel is too soft, its tensile strength and tear strength will be reduced, and the resulting mold will be deformed, so the number of overturning will be reduced. The quality of the mold glue itself is very good, the silicone is not good or bad, only suitable and not suitable. We don't want to use a silicone that is suitable for the hardness of the product to make the mold.

2. Why does the mold glue appear to burn?

Because unsaturated resin and resin products are added with a peroxide curing agent, a large amount of heat is generated when reacted with the resin. The curing time of the resin is generally

3 minutes, so it is necessary to demould as soon as possible after 3 minutes to prevent the silicone mold from burning.

3. Why does the mold glue appear to be dry in the stem?

Mold silicone is a kind of condensation type silica gel. It is solidified by absorbing water in the air. In the process of making silica gel, the water is evaporated and dried without any appropriate amount of water. . Solution: This phenomenon is not a product quality problem, but because there is no control of water, the storage period of the silica gel is improved, and the shelf life will last for a long time. As long as the silica gel is used, an appropriate amount of 0.05% water is added, and the mixture is evenly stirred. Can solve some situations.

4. Why does the mold glue have a poor pulling force?

Because the customer in the process of making the mold, in order to reduce the viscosity of the silica gel, the silica gel is easy to handle and a large amount of silicone oil is added to the silica gel, which makes the silica gel soft, produces non-resistance, and reduces the tear strength. The phenomenon that the pulling force is deteriorated, resulting in the phenomenon that the mold is not durable, the service life is short, and the number of times of mold turning is small.

5. Why does the mold appear to be oily?

The mold silicone itself does not oil, and oil is produced because the compound silicone oil (complex of silicone oil and white mineral oil) is added during the operation because the white mineral oil is a petrochemical product, not a silicone oil.

6. Why does the mold produce a phenomenon that is not resistant to acid and alkali and is not resistant to aging?

In the process of making silicone molds, we recommend that customers do not add any silicone oil. If necessary, the amount of silicone oil should not exceed 5%~10%. Because the addition of silicone oil will destroy the molecular weight of silica gel, the resulting mold will not be resistant to acid and alkali, and will not be resistant to aging.

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