Coordinate measuring machine in the mold field to what important role

- Aug 10, 2017-

       The application of coordinate measuring machine in the mold industry is quite common. It is a modern intelligent tool for design and development, detection and census analysis. It is also an effective tool for the unparalleled quality assurance of mold products. Now the main application of the coordinate measuring machine bridge measuring machine, gantry type measuring machine, the degree of arm measuring machine and portable measuring machine. Measurement methods can be divided into contact and non-contact two, and now we use the coordinate measuring machine in the two skills on the forefront of the world.


       Accurate application of the coordinate measuring machine on the mold application life, precision play a key role, should note the following:


      (1) for some of the larger heavy mold, seized, after the end of the measurement should immediately hang the job platform to prevent the occupation of a long time in the bearing state.


      (2) when the preparation of a good program to run, to avoid interference between the probe and the workpiece, it is necessary to pay attention to add the inflection point.


      (3) the establishment of an accurate coordinate system to protect the coordinates of the construction system for the request, to ensure that the measured data is accurate.


      (4) the exact installation of parts, before installation to ensure that parts and measuring machine for the isothermal request.


      (5) before lifting the workpiece, the probe should be returned to the origin of the coordinates for the hoisting position to set aside a larger space; workpiece hoisting to be stable, not collision three coordinate measuring machine any component.

      The coordinate measuring machine can use the input of 3D digital mold to measure the positioning, size and coherent geometric tolerance, curve and surface measurement of the finished mold and die, and output the graphical report, which can reflect the quality of the mold clearly and clearly Constitute a complete mold finished product testing report.


      Matching of Mold Core Type and Guide Pins If an error occurs, you can find the error value by means of a coordinate measuring machine to correct it. In the mold of the core cavity profile processing molding, a lot of inserts and local surface through the electrode in the electrical pulse processing, so the quality of electrode processing and non-standard surface quality to become the focus of mold quality. Therefore, measuring the shape of the electrode with a coordinate measuring machine is indispensable.

      In some mold applications for a period of time to wear to be amended, but no original design data (ie, digital model) in the case, you can use the cross-section method to collect point cloud, with the specified specifications output, the probe radius compensation after the shape, thus To achieve a complete restoration effect. When some of the surface profile is neither circular nor parabolic, but some non-conservative surface, you can use sludge or gypsum to make the surface as a bottom embryo. And then use the coordinate measuring machine to measure the cross-section, characteristic line and parting line on each section, output with the specified specifications, the probe radius compensation after modeling, in the modeling process slide head curve, and thus designed to produce a new two-color mold.

      Coordinate measuring machine with its high precision and high flexibility and excellent digital capabilities, has been applied in various fields, and received praise, thus becoming a modern manufacturing industry, especially mold industry design, development, processing and quality assurance of the important practices. The following describes the role of coordinate measuring machine in the mold industry. It is an effective tool for mold quality assurance.

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