Countermeasures to eliminate uneven color of plastic mold products

- Mar 18, 2019-

In the procession of plastic mold injection molding , color unevenness often occurs before the mold is started. There are usually two reasons for the unevenness of the color: 1. poor dispersion of the colorant; 2. insufficient thermal stability of the material.

Depending on the nature of the material, a granulated pigment such as a granulated pigment has a parallel nature of the material flowing, so that it exhibits irregular directionality in the portion such as the gate slip, and the result is shown with other parts. Different shades. It is usually difficult to remove the color unevenness of the fused portion regardless of the colorant, especially in the multi-gate state. A product using a particulate colorant is more likely to cause color unevenness than a product using a toner.

Countermeasures to eliminate uneven color of plastic mold products:

1. Change the position of the gate to change the position of the uneven color

2. Long-term: Improve the coordination of soft pigments.

3. Crystalline resins (PP, PE, PA, etc.) have different crystallinity due to different cooling rates, transparency due to crystallinity, small cooling rate, etc., and transparency varies depending on the thickness. Soft paint to cover up this change.

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