Design requirements of injection mold assembly drawing

- Apr 09, 2020-

1. The assembly drawing of injection mold needs to have a completely accurate plastic part drawing, and sometimes the plastic part drawing needs to be properly corrected. If necessary demolding angle is added, the tolerance shall be converted if there is tolerance requirement, and generally, the shape that is favorable for adding glue in the future shall be considered to be corrected.

2. When converting the plastic part drawing to the cavity drawing in the mold base, first multiply the shrinkage by 1, and then make the mirror image processing (reflection). At the same time, pay attention not to misplace the cavity drawing of the moving model.

When arranging the position, make sure that the datum of the cavity drawing is an integer relative to the datum of the mold base.

3. The cavity number shall be indicated on the multi-cavity mold drawing, and the corresponding number shall also be indicated on the runner for the multi-cavity point gate mold such as gear.

The fine structure in the mold assembly drawing should be enlarged.

4. The layout plan of the inclined push rod of the injection mold (including the bottom sliding seat) shall be expressed clearly, and the size shall be marked clearly, so as to facilitate processing and prevent interference with other parts.

5. The complete assembly drawing of injection mold shall be able to express enough drawings of mold structure; complete and accurate dimensions; list of push numbers; part number, title block, parts list, and modification block; axonometric diagram of cooling water line, and exhaust diagram in special cases; various hole positions and their codes, common hole positions and their codes

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