Development of plastic mold

- Nov 23, 2016-

With the development of the plastics industry and GM and the continuous improvement of engineering plastics in terms of strength, plastic products, the range of applications is also expanding, consumption of plastic products is on the rise.

Is a manufacturer of plastic products of plastic mould tool. It consists of several component parts, this combination within the mould cavity. Injection molding, mold clamping injection molding machine, melted plastic was poured into the mold cavity and cooling in a cavity, and then separate upper and lower molds, through the crest system products from the top of the cavity to leave the mold, finally die and then closed for the next injection, injection process is a cycle as a whole.

Plastic mold by moving half and fixed half consists of two parts, dynamic mobile template installed on the injection moulding machine, fixed on a fixed template installed on the injection moulding machine. At the time of injection molding die and mould closing form of gating system and cavity, mold moving half and fixed separation in order to remove the plastic products.

Mold structure due to the varieties and properties of plastics, plastic products and the structure and type of injection machine, which may vary, but the basic structure is the same. Mold is mainly composed of the gating system, temperature regulation system, molded parts, and structural parts. Casting and forming part of the system of which is direct contact with the plastic parts, and changes with plastics and products, is the most complex in the mold, the biggest changes and request processing finish and parts of highest precision.

Gating system refers to plastic runner part of the nozzle into the cavity before, including, cold cave, main road runner and gate. Molded part refers to the formation of products is the shape of a variety of parts, including mold, mould and cavity, core, molding and vent.

Plastic mould in China in high-tech and pillar industries driven application requirements, driven by, formed a huge industry chain, from upstream raw material industry and downstream processing and testing equipment of machinery, automobiles, motorcycles, household appliances, electronic communication, several industries such as building materials, plastic mold development vitality.

With China's automotive, appliance, electronic communication, rapid development of various building materials.

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