Energy saving has been the focus of the development of guolan

- Aug 05, 2017-

In recent years, Guolan Plastic should call the country to promote "energy", and actively encourage every enterprise within the industry to save every ton of coal, every electricity, to contribute to building a conservation-oriented society. As a member of the industry Guolan two-color mold manufacturers should also actively respond to our call, the "energy" as the focus of development, in order to achieve "die dream" and work.


       According to Guolan Plastic understand that the so-called energy saving is to reduce energy consumption as much as possible to produce the same amount with the same quality, the same quality of the product; or the same amount of energy consumption, to produce more than the original number Or the number of equal quality products.


       Therefore, Guolan Plastic mold manufacturers that first in-depth publicity and education, enhance staff awareness of energy conservation, so that employees fundamentally understand the importance of energy conservation. Domestic enterprises can do their own television programs, newspapers, radio, newspaper, local area network, corporate Web sites, seminars, set up posters, placards and other means, in-depth and sustainable energy-saving education, or can organize energy-saving lectures and energy Knowledge contest activities so that all employees generally have a clear understanding of the importance of energy conservation, establish a glorious energy saving, a waste of shame, always talk about saving fashion, so that energy conservation work to further deepen.


        Second, should strengthen the scientific management, highlighting the focus of energy-saving; Guolan Plastic have long been included in the energy management objectives of the target management, leadership should be attached great importance to adhere to the three at the same time planning production and planning work at the same time, Summarize the production work and summarize the work of energy conservation at the same time; check the production work and check the energy conservation work at the same time.


        Finally, we should adopt new technology and new technology to strengthen the energy-saving technological transformation. We should adopt advanced mold design and manufacturing technology to strengthen the application of computer aided design and numerical simulation in mold design, reduce the rejection rate of mold design, optimize the two-color mold manufacturers The performance, reduce electricity consumption, to achieve energy saving purposes.

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