Five Processes Of Plastic Mold Processing

- Nov 19, 2018-

1)Effective management of product data management, data management technology and drawing file management: For effective mold product data management, process data, drawings and comprehensive management, it can ensure the consistency of documents and drawing versions; this can achieve efficient sharing. And efficient query utilization. Can build a complete file management computer database, accumulate design drawings, dispersion, organization concentration dispersion, isolated information before use, to prevent inconsistency due to design, 2d, 3d, original settings, changes, maintenance version confusion, 3d model and 2d drawings The data, 2d drawing design standards, problems caused by chaos are not easy to find and correct in time, resulting in mold modification and rework, or even invalid, increasing mold manufacturing costs, extending mold manufacturing cycle, and affecting problems.

2)to maintain plastic mold drawings, processing technology, physical data consistency and integrity, through effective, meticulous and rigorous testing methods to ensure the consistency and integrity of mold drawings, processing technology, physical data.

3)The design and manufacturing cost of each plastic mold must be summed up in time: effectively control the distribution of the work conveyor belt in the workshop, effectively manage the scrapping of the tool; through the accurate design of the mold structure and efficient mold part processing and accurate inspection of the parts, A change in the previous practice will effectively reduce the additional cost of mold maintenance, obtain the actual cost of each mold, and effectively control the quality of the mold.

4)It is the overall planning, planning, design, processing technology, workshop production situation, human resources information organic combination, effective coordination planning and production, can effectively guarantee the quality and timely delivery of plastic molds.

5)Establish a complete and practical plastic mold production management system, establish a complete mold production management system, realize product data management mold production management process, process data management, plan management, schedule management, computer information management system, including Planning, mold design, plastic molds, production processes, shop tasks and product inspections, warehouse management, modeling and related auxiliary information from planning to shipping completion, can achieve comprehensive tracking management.

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