Gating system of injection molds

- Dec 19, 2017-

Gating system refers to plastic runner part of the nozzle into the cavity before, including, cold cave, main road runner and gate.

Gating system also known as the runner system, it is injecting the plastic melt from the nozzle into the cavity with a set of feed channel, usually by the sprue, runner, the sprue and cold cave formed. It is directly related to the molding of plastics production quality and efficiency.


It is connected in the mold injection molding machine nozzle to the runner or cavity of a channel. Sprue is concave in order to converge with the nozzle at the top. Import sprue diameter should be slightly larger than the nozzle diameter (0.8mm) to avoid spilling and prevents interception by cohesion allowed the two. Inlet diameter according to the products depending on the size, usually 4-8mm. Sprue diameter should be expanded to a 3 ° to 5 ° of the angle, so as to burden the flow release.

Cold cave

It is located in a hole at the end of the main flow path, to trap between two injection nozzle tip generated by cold material, thus preventing the runner or runners to jam. If cold material once mixed with the cavity, then the product would be prone to stress. Cold cave 8-10MM in diameter, depth of 6mm. In order to facilitate demoulding, the bottom is often borne by the release lever. Release lever designed twist at the top of the hook-shaped or the sink grooves to help release the burden well out of the mainstream when road.

gating system of mold.png

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