Guolan mold test mode and other manufacturers have nothing different

- Aug 10, 2017-

We all know that a new set of molds need to try to be delivered to the customer, and mold trial is also a very cautious process, in order to avoid unnecessary waste of time and trouble, need to be patient to adjust and control a variety of processing conditions, and to find the best temperature and pressure conditions, and the development of standard test program , And can be used for the establishment of daily work methods. Follow the following ten steps to proceed:


      1. If the finished product size does not change and the processing conditions are normal, it is necessary to observe whether the mold quality of each mold cavity is acceptable and its size can be within the tolerances. The amount of continuous or large or less than the average value of the mold points recorded in order to check the size of the mold is correct.


      2. To compare the size of each mold sample, it should be noted that:


      (A) whether the product size is stable.


      (B) whether some size has increased or decreased trends and shows that the machining conditions are still changing, such as poor temperature control or hydraulic control.


      (C) whether the change in size is within the tolerance.


      3. Measure the continuous sample and record its important dimensions (wait for the sample to cool to room temperature).


      4. Put the newly transferred conditions for at least 30 minutes to stabilize, and then at least continuous production of a mold full mold sample, marked on its Sheng date, quantity, and placed by the mold points, respectively, in order to test the stability of its operation And derive reasonable control tolerances. (Especially valuable for multi-hole molds).


      5. Reasonable adjustment to reduce the total processing cycle.


      6. Screw forward time can not be shorter than the gate plastic solidification time, otherwise the finished product weight will be reduced and damage the performance of finished products. And when the two-color mold is heated when the screw forward time also need to lengthen in order to compact the finished product.


      Seven to be patient to wait until the conditions of the machine and die stabilized, that is, medium-sized machines may have to wait more than 30 minutes. You can use this time to see the finished product may occur.


      8. Adjust the pressure and the amount of injection in order to produce a satisfactory appearance of the finished product, but can not run the edge, especially when there are some mold cavity finished product has not yet fully solidified, in the adjustment of various control conditions should be considered before, because the filling A slight change in the rate may cause very large filling changes.


      9. Check whether the plastic material in the cartridge is correct and whether it has been baked in accordance with the regulations. (Trying to produce different results with different raw materials).


      10. The cleaning of the pipe to thoroughly, to prevent the deterioration of the compound or miscellaneous materials into the mold, because the bad solution and miscellaneous materials may die stuck die. Check the temperature of the pipe and the temperature of the two-color mold is suitable for processing the raw materials.

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