Why High Injection Pressure Is Needed to manufacture the parts?

- Dec 05, 2017-

High plastic injection pressure is needed to ensure the injection mold/mould is completely filled during the injection molding/moulding cycle, with the expected clear surface definition. There are several problems need to consider:

1  The thinner the wall thickness of the injection molded plastic parts/accessories is, the harder it is to push the liquid or melting plastic through the gap between cavity and core, thus it requires higher pressure. Since material usually accounts for 50-80%of the total cost of a injection molded parts, it is highly expected to reduce the weight of plastic injection  to a bare minimum. This usually means reducing the wall thickness as far as possible without affecting the usefulness of the product. Over the years, many injection molds/moulds have been redesigned just to reduce the plastic mass of a product. This is also why many modern injection machines provide higher mold injection pressure than before.

2  The colder the injection molded/mould is , the higher its viscosity, and the more difficult it becomes to fill the plastic mold. The cost of the injection molded parts depends directly on the cycle time required to injection molding  a product. The higher the melt temperature of the plastic, the eaiser it will flow and fill the injection mould. However, higher melt temperature also requires increasing the cooling cycle time to bring the temperature of the injection plastic down to level where the injection molded plastic parts / accessories can be safely ejected without distorting or damageing . This means more power, longer cycles, and therefore higher costs. It is often better to inject at the lowest possible temperatures, even if more pressure is needed to fill the injection moulding/molding. Note that higher injection pressures will require greater clamping forces and stronger, possibly larger, machine. Another solution to this problem is selecting a plastic that flows more easily. Such plastics, however, are usually more expensive and not be as strong as expected.

In this case , Guolan factory adjusted itself timely to adapt to the times .And introduced more high pressure injection machines into Guolan factory .We always warmly welcome customers in and out of China come to Guolan to establish long term business relationship to realize win-win ..

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