How does the die factory choose the die frame

- May 11, 2020-


1. The maintenance cost of the mold shelf and the warehouse should be considered in advance, and it may collide with the forklift truck from the aspects of the stability, robustness and details of the mold shelf.

2. Combine the frequency and efficiency of mold storage in the warehouse.

For example, some of the mold is relatively large, it is not suitable to choose the standard mold shelf, the standard mold shelf can only bear the weight of 1 ton per pump, put the heavy mold shelf life will not be very long, also not safe.

3, must find a way to improve the utilization of storage space.

This has certain requirements for the design, but is definitely the basis of a quality mold rack.

4. When designing the mold rack, we also need to select a reasonable mold shelf type according to the actual situation of the warehouse

5, the mold shelf can meet the basic requirements, has the basic use value.


After having afore-mentioned standard, mould factory has from what respect to carry out standard concretely again, improve the deposit of the mould thereby and the service life that prolongs mould effectively?

1. In the mold shelf design, if the customer does not install the crane, we will provide the corresponding crane hoist according to the size of the mold, so as to facilitate the customer's up and down mold;

Greatly reduced manpower and material resources.

As productivity increases, so does safety.

2. As the mold frame is mainly used in the mold warehouse, the first factor to be considered is the physical environment of the warehouse, including the area of the warehouse;

Physical environment of the warehouse, ventilation, lighting, ground support and fire prevention;

The shelf of mold shall be arranged in plane.

CED direction, mold type and number.

3. According to the specific situation of the mold shelf, the mold shelf is stable and the space utilization rate is high, and every detail is done well.

4. Different molds need different shelves, so we need to consider the shape of the mold, the size of the mold space (length, width, height), the weight of each mold space, whether it is conducive to orderly stacking and other factors.

5. The way the mold is placed on the mold rack is also the range of mold rack selection in the warehouse.

Whether the height of the truck can be raised to the top of the rack, the channel between the mold shelves.

Does the channel operate properly on the handling tools?

The mold is manual access, the height is convenient for the operator access, each unit of the weight of the mold is easy to carry and other factors that need to be considered;

The access of the mold through the loading and unloading equipment needs to be considered: whether to reach the maximum height.

Some mold shelves have some personalized requirements, such as fully open mold shelves;

Whether dust protection is required, special treatment is required according to design requirements.

These factors should be taken into account when choosing a suitable mold shelf.

Therefore, the mold structure design should not only consider the use of steel, but also the mold shelf caused a high degree of attention, the effective combination of the two can effectively prolong the life of the mold.

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