How to ensure the quality of Micro Injection Molding

- Jun 19, 2017-

How to ensure the quality of Micro Injection Molding?

Special "Reverse screw"

Arburg has teamed up with IKV and RWTH Aachen University to develop a micro-injection device.


As the force acting on the plunger is smaller than the plasticized screw, so it can  made more compact plasticizing system , especially for micro-injection molding.

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The plunger diameter is smaller and the injection molding process can be controlled more effectively.

In addition, now the Arburg electric ALLDRIVE machine series can also be configured Euromap size 5 micro-injection unit.

Last year, Arburg demonstrated a special micro-production unit based on the Allrounder 270A at its technology section, using a new Euromap size 5 micro-injection unit in the injection molding machine.

8mm reciprocating screw plasticizing unit

Another German company Boy is known as micro-injection solutions, also exhibited its 8mm reciprocating screw plasticizing unit for the first time in 2015.

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At Fakuma 2015, Boy demonstrated a miniature bone cementing plate on a BOY XS injection molding machine with an injection volume of only 0.06 cm3 and a component weight of 0.078 g.

BOY XS spiral groove volume of only 1.9cm3.

Stable direct drive

For the micro-injection molding, Sumitomo Demag offers all-electric drive SE30DUZ.

At the NPE 2015, Demag demonstrated a polyoxymethylene (POM) gear, which plays a key role in a unique cataract surgery device developed by Eye Care and Cure (ECC).

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In the traditional injection molding process, the resin in the spiral rod and the barrel between the flow resistance will produce shear heat.

Two-stage injection unit

The main benefit of the MicroPower lies in its cost-efficiency. Through shorter cycle times and lower material and energy consumption, cost savings between 30 and 50 % can be achieved compared to standard machines. Processing of all injectable materials with shot volumes of up to 4 cm³.

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The internal thread of the cartridge frame is formed by a threaded core, and the core is directly operated by the plunger of the injection molding machine.

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The production process is carried out in clean room conditions by a Laminar Flow Box in the machine.

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