How To Improve The Efficiency Of Injection Molding

- Nov 16, 2018-

We must improve the standardization level of plastic molds and the use of standard parts on the original basis. In China, the level of standard parts made of various molds and the standardization of mold parts are still relatively low. The gap between them is still large compared with foreign countries. This situation restricts the development of China's mold industry to a certain extent. To improve the quality of the mold and reduce the cost of mold manufacturing, we must also promote the application of standard parts of the mold parts.

The application of high-quality materials and advanced surface treatment technology is necessary to improve the life and quality of injection molds. Research and application of high-speed measurement techniques for molds and methods for reverse engineering mapping. Reverse engineering with a coordinate measuring machine or scanner is one of the key technologies of plastic mold CAD/CAM. Research and non-stop application of diverse, adjusted, and inexpensive testing equipment are essential prerequisites for reverse engineering.

Motorcycles are one of the important electromechanical export products in China, and their globalization characteristics are very obvious. According to statistics from the State Customs, in 2003, China exported a total of 3.025 million motorcycles, second only to the Japanese market, ranking second in the world. This shows that China's motorcycle industry is being integrated into the global economic tide. At present, China's motorcycle industry is a very promising industry, and there is still much room for development in China's motorcycle market.

Although the market prospects are broad, it is necessary to make quality preconditions in order to win in the fierce competition in the future. With the constant rise in prices, the cost of various productions of motorcycle parts has also increased a lot, and the manufacturers that produce such products are much more than before, and the competition between them is also very fierce. In order to survive and develop and improve the company's own competitiveness, it is necessary to reduce the production cost of accessories.

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